DUE Volunteer Committees—DUE members sign up to serve annually on a volunteer basis. If you are interested in serving on one of these DUE committees, please contact Leigh Williams at

·         Communications:  Coordinates publication of DUE Points, manages the DUE web site, and plans and coordinates campus and community public relations efforts to promote DUE.  Optimal size:  8-10 members.

                Kevin Lang, Chair, and DUEpoints Editor

                Holly McCabe, DUEpoints Design Editor                            

·         Community Service:  Creates a presence for DUE in the community by organizing community service activities and recommending organizations to receive DUE’s charitable donations.

                 Dinor Dhanabala, Chair

·         DUE Awards:  Plans and manages annual DUE Awards selection and recognition ceremony for outstanding students nominated by DUE members.

          Barbara Dolansky, Chair 

          (The DUE Awards will be suspended during 2020-2021)             

·         Events: In consultation with the DUE Executive Assistant to the President, schedules, plans, and manages all special membership events, primarily the mid-year Party and Spring Luncheon Meeting, plus other special events that may be held throughout the year.                                 

                            Jane Sheeley, Chair

    ·         Legislative Outreach:  Researches existing best practices and processes developed by                   independent organizations, similar to DUE, which have demonstrated success in building and                    maintaining positive relationships with county and state legislators.  Creates and carries out plans for       activities to strengthen connections and relationships with the Dutchess County Legislature.         

                             Matt Murray, Chair

·         Membership - Creates/manages a recruitment plan including recruitment letters, distribution of approved DUE information to eligible new hires, recruiting events, and provides a presence at new professional staff orientation meetings (on-line or in person.) 

            Contact Leigh                                

·         Professional Staff Handbook Review: Conducts annual review of PSH focused ONLY on the identification of any unreported changes or information that may impact DUE contracts.  (Role of committee is not to review/recommend changes in the PSH, as a whole.) 

            Doris Diaz-Kelly, Chair


DUE Committees appointed by Academic Department—Members elected by each academic department.

     ·         Academic Department Representatives: One representative, selected by each academic

         department no later than the first meeting of the year, to serve as communications liaison between             department members and the DUE Executive Council.

                    Jordan Bell, Coordinator & Executive Council Liaison (assigned by DUE President)

·      EvaluationAn all-faculty committee, established by the 2016-2020 contract, specifically to conduct             annual reviews of the Student Survey of Teaching form and process.  Recommendations, initially                 approved by the DUE Executive Council and the Office of Academic Affairs, must be formally negotiated          by DUE and DCC prior to implementation.  While membership requires representation of a range of             academic disciplines, usually by election in academic departments, the committee must include two             volunteer part- time faculty, along with two full time faculty appointed by the DUE President to                     specifically represent DUE. 

                           Leah Akins, Chair

    DUE President FT Faculty Appointments: Leah Akins, Matt Murray

    Volunteer PT Faculty representing DUEBill Benedetto, Alan Zucker



DUE NTE Committee of the Whole

 ·      Non-Teaching Educators (NTEs) - This Committee of the Whole serves as a communication liaison             between NTEs and the DUE Executive Council. The committee will be chaired by the DUE VP for FT                NTEs, who will work closely with VP for PT Educators. 

Danielle Williams-Bell, Chair


DUE Committees appointed by DUE President—Members appointed annually by the DUE President with the support of the Executive Council.

·         Board of Trustee Meeting Coverage: Individually scheduled attendance, along with the DUE President, at monthly BoT meetings.

Executive Council Members

·         GrievanceAppointed by the DUE President with consent of the Executive Council.  Works with the President and Executive Council whenever a potential contract grievance is brought forward by a member.  

Grievance Officer(s)

1. Karin Riedl



DCC College Committee appointments made by DUE President—Members appointed annually by the DUE President with the support of the Executive Council.

 ·         President’s Advisory Council:

1.      Kim Rybacki (FTF)

2.      Melissa Carlo (NTE)

3.      Wesley Lee (PTF)