DUE Awards for Academic Excellence

Since 1985, Dutchess United Educators of Dutchess Community College has recognized the academic achievements and/or technical and artistic accomplishments of its students in an annual ceremony presenting the DUE Awards for Academic Excellence. The DUE Awards recognize exceptional student achievement in awards initiated by individual educators or conferred by departments. Award recipients are selected from students, across all academic disciplines, who have been nominated by DUE members, both Faculty and Non-Teaching Educators.

Minimum qualifications for the DUE award are:

* 40 earned academic credits at the Dutchess Community College,

* 3.2 CPA, or other evidence of significant academic achievement,

* Letter of recommendation, providing appropriate supporting evidence,

prepared by a sponsoring DUE member.

The nominating process begins in the early spring, when nominations are solicited by the DUE Awards Committee. Nominations may be initiated solely by the DUE member, or students meeting the eligibility requirements may seek Faculty or NTE sponsorship. Most DUE Awards are initiated by faculty or sponsoring departments.

All submissions are carefully reviewed by the Committee to assure that candidates meet award requirements. Awardees are notified in writing and invited to the Awards Convocation, held in May of each year, when the DUE Awards for Academic Excellence are presented.

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