Resources for Part-time Educators

This tab gathers information that Part-time Educators might find useful. It includes benefits offered by New York State. DUE's intention is to help part-time educators access resources they may be eligible for.

Attached is an FAQ prepared by members of the Executive Council in 2020-21 describing options for Part-time employees of DCC to sign up for the NYS retirement systems. Many part-time educators find, over time, that they wish they had chosen to join the NYS retirement system when they first began teaching or working part-time for SUNY. DUE wants to make sure you’re aware of your options, so that you can make informed decisions about your future. Please take the time to read the attached FAQ to decide if this benefit is one you wish to take advantage of.

Also attached is a letter sent to part-time educators in January 2021, when low enrollment numbers meant that many part-time teachers were facing reduced employment. It outlines resources for unemployment benefits for part-time educators in New York State.

NYS Retirement FAQ

Part-Time Evaluation and Promotion Information